Carpet for the Bathroom? Yes, it’s Possible

North Haven RemodelingBathroom flooring is almost always tile, though hardwood also works in some cases. Carpet, however, is an absolute no-no, at least according to conventional norms. The excess moisture will turn the carpet fibers into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Nevertheless, some homeowners deviate from the norm and aim for a certain style for no reason other than it being atypical. Yes, a bathroom carpet is possible but certain measures have to be in place.

How to Make It Work

If you’re in the middle of remodeling your bathroom and dare to try such a bold move, then stick to these guidelines:

  • Go for 100% olefin carpet. This is a synthetic fiber made from polyolefin and is far more resistant to staining and mildew. Avoid organic materials like wool.
  • Twist pile and cotton candlewick carpets are also suitable choices as they’re less prone to moisture absorption.
  • Avoid excess water. Just as you would mop up a puddle of water on your tile, you need to do the same for a carpet. Use a wet-vac to suck up the moisture.
  • Install bathmats. Yes, you’re essentially placing a mat over a carpet. It sounds odd, but the bathmat basically serves as a barrier that catches most of the water when you step out of the tub.

As unconventional as a bathroom carpet sounds, it does have its advantages. For one, it provides an anti-slip surface, which makes it an attractive option for age-in-place renovations.

Is a Bathroom Carpet Right for Your Home?

Only you can answer that question. There will definitely be more maintenance involved, but if you feel you can make it work, then by all means go for it. You can even consider carpet for kitchen remodeling. If you prefer conventional designs, then we offer an assortment of tile selections, ranging from the generic ceramic white to more luxurious vinyl planks. A bathroom carpet, though, is always a possibility if you have zero qualms about steering from common renovation styles.

Whatever flooring style you choose, call North Haven Remodeling in Bellingham for all your residential renovation needs in Whatcom County.

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