Why Custom Cabinets Are Better in Blaine

North Haven RemodelingWhether you’re constructing your dream home, modifying the kitchen, or upgrading the bathroom, you want optimal results from your remodeling. That’s why you should really contemplate custom cabinets as part of your home remodel agenda. The aesthetics, fit, and durability of personalized cabinetry can’t be beaten by stock cabinets at your local hardware shop. It’s definitely worth the upgrade. Still skeptical? Here are four reasons custom cabinetry beat their stock counterparts any day.

Higher Quality Means Longer Life

Most store-bought cabinets are made at warehouse assemblies by employees who focus on quantity, not quality. Your kitchen remodeling is the farthest thing on their mind. Custom cabinets, by contrast, are expertly crafted to fit your specific countertop or vanity.

Custom Designs Enable Personal Preference

When you buy a stock cabinet unit, the display you see is precisely what you get. With custom cabinets, though, you get to consult with the contractor regarding your precise preferences in design and function.

No More Unused Spaces

Since stock cabinets aren’t made for your particular floorplan, the contractor may have to cut sections down or leave unsightly gaps upon installation. This can diminish the full use of your space.

Custom Cabinets Increase Value of Your Blaine Property

Even if you don’t plan to sell the home at the moment, it’s always a wise investment to go for upgrades that boost your property value. You can list custom cabinets as a notable feature in your ad. It will definitely make the home stand out among prospective buyers. You can also use it as leverage during price negotiations.

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Custom Cabinets for Your Blaine Kitchen or Bathroom

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