Four Benefits of Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Everson

DreamMakerNW-6If you’re upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to choose features that’ll be beneficial for many years to come. With a multitude of selections and considerations, though, it can be tricky knowing where to begin. If you’re undecided, granite countertops are a solid choice. Granite is pricier than other countertop materials, but the many benefits make it a worthy investment. Here are four reasons for choosing granite for a kitchen or bathroom makeover.

Granite Countertops Are Visually Stunning

Trends change all the time, but granite is one of the few home renovation materials that remain popular no matter the direction of the current trend. Even 20 years after installing a granite countertop, the piece will remain just as beautiful as it did when you initially had it installed.

Granite Provides One-of-a-Kind Results

If you value a unique appearance, then you should speak to your contractor about granite countertop installation. No two slabs of granite are identical; each has their own unique surface texture and grain pattern. With this in mind, if you were to upgrade both the kitchen and bathroom with granite countertops, they’ll each have their own respective natural textures.

Granite Is Very Clean

Cleanliness is essential, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms. One of the biggest advantages of selecting granite is that it has a non-porous surface. This makes it hard for germs and bacteria to hide below the surface.

Granite Countertops Increase the Value of Your Home

Granite isn’t cheap, but it pays itself off in the long run, especially if you have plans to sell the home. Homebuyers are also more attracted to homes with conventional yet popular countertop surfaces like granite.

We Supply and Install Granite Countertops in Everson

Have you decided granite countertops are the way to go? North Haven Remodeling is here to assist you. We’re happy to help you find, buy, and install your new granite countertop. Browse our website to learn more about our diverse range of services. You can also book a free in-home consultation or talk to one of our staff members by calling (360) 558-3171 today.

Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Everson

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