Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Hardwood Floors in a Bedroom Near Burlington

bedroom hardwood floorsAre you thinking about changing the floors in your Burlington home as part of a renovation? The floor type may vary between rooms. For the bedrooms, have you thought about hardwood flooring? There’s a recent trend regarding bedroom hardwood floors. This is something to discuss with your contractor, as he/she can impart suggestions based on your type of home interior.


A major plus of hardwood floors is the visual charm. Homeowners like the look of wood because of the natural ambiance. It provides a holistic look; in a bedroom, the wood really evokes an earthly vibe. Hardwood is also good for minimalist designs, which is great for age-in-place remodeled bedrooms.

Moreover, hardwood doesn’t “grab” onto allergens and pollen the way carpet does. This makes hardwood highly desirable for homes with occupants who have chronic allergies. The cleaning is also easy, requiring just regular sweeping and occasional mopping.

If your bedroom is next to the bathroom, then you can install the same hardwood floors for both rooms to create a seamless look.


Hardwood floors do have their cons. If you have pets, your dog’s or cat’s nails can cause surface-level scratches. Of course, you can always make the bedroom off-limits to pets.

It can also be a drawback for multi-story homes. The bedrooms tend to be on the upper floors. Moving across hardwood creates an echo that you can hear downstairs. This can be a minor distraction.

In terms of price, costs vary significantly. Most homeowners eventually aim for laminate wood panels, which offer an excellent mix of durability and affordability.

We Install Bedroom Hardwood Floors Near Burlington

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Bedroom Hardwood Floors Near Burlington

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