Aging-in-Place: What to Consider When Selecting a Stair Lift Near Mt. Vernon

Aging-in-Place Stair LiftsIs there an elderly loved one in your Mt. Vernon home? If so, aging-in-place stairlifts may be a good addition to your home. This enables seniors to comfortably and independently travel between floors. Here are some basic variables to consider if you’re contemplating an installation. This can be a great renovation as part of a bigger age-in-place remodeling.

Staircase Size and Shape

Do you have a straight or curved staircase? Most residences have a straight staircase. This enables a simple and straightforward installation. For curved staircases, installation is a bit more complex, but it’s still a doable project. Your contractor will let you know how to proceed with the installation.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Hardwood Floors in a Bedroom Near Burlington

bedroom hardwood floorsAre you thinking about changing the floors in your Burlington home as part of a renovation? The floor type may vary between rooms. For the bedrooms, have you thought about hardwood flooring? There’s a recent trend regarding bedroom hardwood floors. This is something to discuss with your contractor, as he/she can impart suggestions based on your type of home interior.


A major plus of hardwood floors is the visual charm. Homeowners like the look of wood because of the natural ambiance. It provides a holistic look; in a bedroom, the wood really evokes an earthly vibe. Hardwood is also good for minimalist designs, which is great for age-in-place remodeled bedrooms.

Moreover, hardwood doesn’t “grab” onto allergens and pollen the way carpet does. This makes hardwood highly desirable for homes with occupants who have chronic allergies. The cleaning is also easy, requiring just regular sweeping and occasional mopping.

If your bedroom is next to the bathroom, then you can install the same hardwood floors for both rooms to create a seamless look.
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Answer Bathroom Remodeling Questions Before the Work Begins in Burlington

bathroom remodeling questionsBathroom remodeling in Burlington is a great way to give your home interior a long-overdue makeover. However, you likely have some questions regarding such an extensive renovation. Here are some of the common questions homeowners often ask our contractors regarding bathroom upgrades.

Who Uses the Bathroom Most Often?

Who in the household uses the bathroom most frequently? If upgrading the bathroom in the master bedroom, for example, then it’ll obviously be the mother and father, so the renovation will appeal to their preferences. On the other hand, if there’s a senior occupant, then you may want to consider additions like age-in-place remodeling.

Will Individual Space Be Required?

You may want to consider individual spaces for the bathroom. Each person in the household may have, for example, individual shelves for their own personal hygiene items. On the other hand, if updating a bathroom in the guest room, then a more generic design and storage space will be enough. Continue Reading →

3 Types of Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets Near Everson

faucet typesDo you have plans for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade for your Everson home? Depending on how much you want to renovate, this can be an intensive process. One of the additions to consider is the faucet. While this may seem like a fairly minor component, it does play a large role as a focal point. There are many faucet types to select from. Here is a list of the popular styles and their main features.

Center-Set Faucets

This is a trendy faucet style suitable for both bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Center-set faucets are what many homeowners think of as a standard feature. They require three holes: one for the center spout and one each on the side for the turning handles. Continue Reading →

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash Tile in Bellingham

kitchen backsplash tileAre you considering a kitchen renovation? There are dozens of decisions, from cabinet to countertop selection. It’s also important to consider the kitchen backsplash tile. This element is crucial as it makes up the area’s backdrop. Here are some tips for helping you pick out the right tile type.

You Can Match or Contrast

You may already have a color in mind for the renovated kitchen. With the backsplash tiles, you can choose to aim for a matching or contrasting color. Choose from a range of neutral or accent colors to complement or provide contrast to the cabinets, counters, appliances, etc. Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing Near Burlington

cabinet refacingAre you contemplating a kitchen upgrade? This will likely involve the cabinetry to some extent. While replacing the entire cabinet system is a viable option, it can also be pricey. A more feasible option is cabinet refacing. If you like your current cabinets and just think it needs a bit of a facelift, then refacing may be a great option that will affect the kitchen’s appearance as a whole. Learn the benefits associated with refacing the cabinets.

What Is Refacing?

With refacing, a contractor essentially replaces the cabinet doors, while leaving the original cabinet box intact. The doors, after all, are the most visible part of the component, so replacing them is great for a cosmetic change.  Continue Reading →

Bathroom Tile Options for Your Home in Ferndale

bathroom tile optionsWhether aiming for a bathroom or kitchen update, all major makeovers should involve new flooring. This is especially so with bathrooms due to the frequent foot traffic that leads to visual wear. Bathroom tile options are aplenty; you’ll surely find a style that matches nicely with your home type. Here is a list of the most common tiles selected by homeowners during renovations and new building construction.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are quite popular with homeowners. This is largely due to the affordable cost and broad appeal. This is a good option if you’re aiming for a budget-friendly home remodeling project that can be completed relatively quickly. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen Near Blaine

kitchen hardwood flooringAre you contemplating a kitchen remodel? If your home’s floor is outdated, then consider hardwood. Many homeowners actually never consider hardwood and only think about conventional options like tile and laminate. However, kitchen hardwood flooring is a viable option that really gives this portion of your interior a fresh and welcoming ambiance. Here are a few reasons hardwood is worth your consideration.

1. Hardwood Makes a Statement

Hardwood flooring is highly desirable from a cosmetic perspective. The look of wood and its grainy texture has an appearance that fits nicely with various homes, from contemporary to cottage-style dwellings. Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Countertop Material for Your Home Near Anacortes

The Right Countertop Material | DreamMaker Bath & KitchenAre you looking to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom? A new countertop will surely give the room a whole new ambiance. However, various styles are available. As a homeowner, you have multiple choices in regards to countertop material, and we list the most common and sought-after styles. Learn about the characteristics and their individual highlight points. Discuss these options with your contractor.

1. Quartz

Quartz is a mainstay countertop material for home remodeling projects. Since it’s engineered, you have a plethora of textures and patterns to select from. In addition, it has a non-porous surface, making it easy to clean.

2. Marble

Marble exudes a luxurious vibe and never fails at wowing guests. One downside is that it has a relatively soft surface, making it more prone to stains and dents. You will definitely need to be more careful about liquid spills. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Anti-Slip Flooring Near Sedro-Woolley

Anti-slip flooringMaintaining a safe home is essential. If you’re concerned that you or other occupants may slip and fall in a room with hard tiles, you should contemplate the installation of anti-slip flooring. Many home injuries stem from floors that are overly slippery and present a safety hazard for seniors, children, and those with disabilities. An easy and cost-effective kitchen or bathroom upgrade could make this a non-issue. Here are some perks to think about when installing this flooring type.

1. Safer for the Whole Family

Maintaining a safe home environment is paramount. Anti-slip flooring provides a viable alternative to more conventional flooring like hardwood and linoleum, which can be quite slippery especially when wet. This is a terrific home remodeling solution for all households.

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