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With less strength and flexibility than before, simple tasks can become more difficult in your golden years.  Reaching for an item in an overhead cabinet can become challenging — even dangerous, and you can begin to lose your sense of confidence when you begin to need assistance for what used to be easier tasks.  Fortunately, aging-in-place remodeling can help you regain lost confidence and restore your ability to live independently in your own home.  North Haven Remodeling™ is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) contractor, providing a safe place for people with special needs through knowledgeable planning in the field of ‘universal design’ — a process of inventorying your needs and capabilities before beginning space design.

Accessible Kitchens

Accessible kitchens assist seniors in meal preparation, dish washing, and accessing items from the pantry.

  • Wider doors to allow plenty of access and maneuvering.
  • Lower countertops and shallow sinks with drain located at the rear, freeing space under the sink for knee room to sit while working.
  • Accessible cabinetry, with frequently used cabinets 15″ to 48″ above the floor to assure access regardless of range of motion.
  • Taller toe kick heights for individuals in wheelchairs.
  • Pull-down shelving systems that allow more access to upper cabinets.
  • Lower electrical outlets within reach.

Accessible Bathrooms – Walk-In Bathtubs, Curbless Showers and More

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about two-thirds of home-related accidents take place in the bathroom.  In 2008 alone, over 234,000 Americans were treated for injuries stemming mostly from slips and falls, with injury severity increasing with age.  Accessible bathrooms provide increased safety and comfort in the smallest room of your home.

  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Grab bars
  • Lever or loop handles
  • Full length or tilting mirrors
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Accessible Cabinets
  • Curbless showers
  • Built in benches in showers
Aging-in-Place remodeling is a North Haven Remodeling™ specialty, and our senior-focused kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and other remodeling provide real freedom for senior homeowners.  Call North Haven Remodeling™ to schedule a free consultation today!

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Aging-In-Place Remodeling for Seniors & Handicapped

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